Parish Vision

Saint Peter’s Parish is a healthy and growing faith community that brings people to Christ, forms disciples and sends them out to transform the world. Our members commit to worship, to grow, to serve, to connect and to give.

Our Parish

The story and tradition of our church and parish have brought us to a moment of renewal and challenge. We must proclaim God's kingdom with a new voice to our constantly changing society. Therefore we believe we are called to break new ground in our care for one another in our ministry to those in need in the ways in which we celebrate liturgy and in laying the foundations for the future growth of St Peter's in order to bring support healing and justice to each other and the many groups to which we belong. 

Our school vision is that we believe in fostering a community which is inclusive, welcoming, just and compassionate, supporting, challenging and celebrating all as thinkers, learners and searchers for knowledge within a global perspective. Developing social skills and competencies which empower each to contribute positively to our ever changing world.