Our Pastoral Team


God has gifted St Peter’s with an amazing leadership team that is dedicated to serving the community and inviting all of God’s children to share in the joy the Gospel.


Rev. Fr Andrew McCarter grew up in Reservoir, attending St Gabriel’s Parish Primary School, Cathedral College and St Joseph’s CBC North Melbourne. He studied Arts and Teaching at ACU Aquinas, and Computer Education and Masters in Education at Melbourne University. Andrew first felt called to the priesthood in childhood and was inspired by many priests, particularly his late uncle, Fr John McCarter.
Fr Andrew’s call was strengthened by attending World Youth Day in Cologne, 2005.


Rev. Fr Jossy Kizhakkethalackal

Assistant Priest


Rev. Fr Jossy Kizhakkethalackal was born in Kerala, India, the fourth of six children. Since childhood he has been attracted to the priesthood having been involved in the Jesus Youth Movement in India. Fr Jossy studied Mathematics and Business at university and then joined the seminary in 1997 at St.Pius College, Mumbai and completed his studies at Corpus Christi College, Carlton. Having been accepted for the priesthood in the Archdiocese of Melbourne he arrived here in 2010 and was welcomed by the priests and parishioners of the Archdiocese of Melbourne.



Jovita Calma

Parish Volunteer


Jovita has been in the parish of St. Peter's for 10 years and began volunteering at the parish office since 2014. She assists with administration and with the creative projects of the parish.


Seda Peters

Domestic Support

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Seda Peters comes to us with a wide range of experiences.  She has worked in administration, education and even spruiking.  Seda brings joy and happiness with her cheerful and bubbly disposition to those whom she meets.  She is a full time mother with four children and has lots of experiences in domestic duties.


Parish Pastoral
Planning Group

Tony Perez  (Chairperson)

Tony Perez (Chairperson)

Fr Andrew McCarter

Fr Andrew McCarter

Rejimon Abraham

Rejimon Abraham

Peter Fitzsimons

Peter Fitzsimons

Dr Maria Paiva

Dr Maria Paiva


finance committee